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Multitech is no longer mailing pay stubs.

We are now using ADP for pay roll.  Once you start an account you will be able to see your check stubs at anytime.  When account setup is complete it will give you the option to download an app for your mobile phone.


To setup your online ADP account:

1)  Call Multitech 919-747-3031 provide your full name, email and date of birth and they will give you a registration code to setup your account

2) Go online click:

3) Follow the steps to create new account and enter the registration code



•  Always wear your PPE.

•  If you are on the job you should be wearing gloves, hard hat, steel toes and safety glasses. Even if the contractor you are working for does not require them.

•  Wear ear plugs in noisy areas.


Please contact your Multitech Rep

(Jimmy, Raul, Joel or Mike) if :

•  You have any questions about payroll.

•  You will be out.

•  You have an on the job injury.

•  You have any problems on the job.


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